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The Italian Concerto


Read an excerpt from my latest novel!

Three women. One piece of land. Who will control its fate?


Gert Stone is a wild woman, a force to be reckoned with. The last of a long line of ranchers, she and her family run the Wild West Pumpkin Patch, a beloved autumn tradition in sunny San Grato, California, a town just east of San Francisco. The Pumpkin Patch is just a tiny portion of the 570 and a half acres she owns – the Stone Ranch, the last undeveloped land in an area known for the great schools and sports leagues beloved by the newcomers, the technology honchos and their families. Developers are circling, and Gert’s getting tired. Maybe it’s time to sell. 

     Only too happy to help her is Paulette Holtz, realtor extraordinaire. A local girl who grew up with nothing, now Paulette wants it all. She’ll pull every string, work every connection and use her considerable wiles to turn the Stone Ranch into the ultimate high end development – and with the commission, she'll secure her piece of paradise. 

     Blocking the way is Sally Fowler-Soriani, one of the newcomers to San Grato. Wife of a tech mogul, mother of three accomplished girls, and Paulette’s best friend, Sally seems to have it all. Yet the days keep slipping away from her, and her teenage daughter is living a secret life that might just kill her.  To fight the development, Sally joins forces with Michael Dalton and his band of “hippies, rabble rousers and tree huggers.” In this unlikely company, she discovers the sound of her own voice, the pulse of her own desires – and maybe, just maybe, a new way to live. 

     The Italian Concerto is the unforgettable story of a small town in transition, the dangerous allure of life changing money and what it really means to care for the land – and each other. 

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